Enterprise Architecture: Why Business Architecture?

What is an enterprise? An enterprise is a collection of organizations that work towards a common set of goals. It is an interrelated system that is made up of people, customers, suppliers, technologies and its governing boards.

In order for an enterprise to be successful and achieve its mandate, what do you think would be the fundamental things that everyone involved in the business needs to clearly understand?

  • WHO we are?
  • WHY we exist?
  • WHAT we do?

I remember reading it from somewhere that — its crucial for everyone involved in the business to have a clear understanding of the following in order for an enterprise to be successful.

  • Motivation: WHY does the business work the way it does?
  • Function: HOW does the business carry out its work to deliver the value?
  • People: WHO does what?
  • Network: WHERE is the work conducted?
  • Data: WHAT things are needed – resources and information?
  • Time: WHEN does work need to happen?

Common sense, right? However, I’ve seen companies that have not clearly defined or communicated these to all who are involved. “Business Architecture” artifacts (i.e. Company’s vision, mission, strategy, Enterprise Context Model, Organization chart, Business process charts) can provide answers to these questions.

Please remember when creating artifacts:

  • Use simple language and diagrams to convey the message. Your goal should be to create things that can easily be understood by everyone at every level of the organization.
  • Simplify Simplify Simplify! Identify existing complexity – focus on creating things that will help simplifying complexity, keeping your company moving efficiently and creating a foundation to be able to quickly move and adopt to ever changing environment.

Let’s keep things simplebe logical, use common sense and foster collaboration to channel the organization’s energy to take the enterprise to the next level one step at a time! 🙂

Techie Princesa at Signiel Seoul. View of Seoul, Korea from Signiel, Seoul Hotel

View from 92nd floor at Signiel Seoul, October 2018

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